Let’s know about what is Web Designing or Websites

Websites is to gathering the information on particular topics or purpose, such as News, Education, E commerce and Entertainment on Social Networking websites. It is a collection of webpage which provide you information about your business.

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Types of Websites

  • Informative- It’s an Informative websites where we get the information in the form of Text, Wikipedia and Encyclopedia for example Google and Blogging Websites. It basically depend upon us that we make our websites in form of information of our product or services (Educational).
  • Cooperative-It’s a business websites like Manufacturing company were they can provide the information about their product in brief which help the customer to understand the product quality for example Reliance Industry, Asian Paint, JP Cement , Parle etc.
  • E commerce- A platform where we can buy and sell our products or services easily in large amount of the customer for example Amazon, Flipkart, Shop clue, Snap deal, Myntra etc.
  • Social Media- It is a biggest platform where we meet worldwide people for conversation purpose , sharing our story and interest and Daily activity  and promote our product on them such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn
  • Personal-It’s basically for a personal user means Celebrity such as Chetan Bhagat, Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh bachchan etc. A websites that focus on an Individual generally (Brand Ambassador) in which they used as an information purpose or promoting a brand on personal websites.

Why Us for Web Design

  • We provide Dynamic Websites

  • Responsive Web Design

  • Web CMS

  • Domain

  • Hosting

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